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Photo of the Day (POTD): October 2, 2019

Near the base of Notch Peak, pink Jurassic-age granite intrudes much older thinly bedded gray argillite and white marble of the Cambrian-age Marjum Formation. Deep in the Earth’s crust 170 million years ago, high heat and fluids from the granite metamorphosed the surrounding rock, turning limestone into marble and shale into argillite. House Range, Millard […]


Photo of the Day (POTD): September 4, 2019

A goblet-shaped hoodoo formed in sandstone of the Early Cretaceous-age Burro Canyon Formation. The top is cemented by silica, making it more resistant to weathering than the softer rock at the base. Near Blanding, San Juan County, Utah. Photo by Don DeBlieux.  


Photo of the Day (POTD): August 7, 2019

Buckskin Gulch—the longest and deepest slot canyon in the United States—cuts through Jurassic-age Navajo Sandstone. Deposited as an erg, or a sand-dune sea, the Navajo Sandstone contains beautifully preserved cross-beds. Buckskin Gulch, Kane County. Photo by Adam Hiscock.