Subsurface Geotechnical Database

This map shows a digital database of subsurface geologic data extracted from the UGS GeoData Archive, a repository of generally unpublished data collected over decades by the UGS. The purpose of this map is to provide important information on the subsurface conditions and geology to support geologic and geotechnical investigations and other projects to complement existing geologic, geologic hazard, and other maps and data.

In a partnership with the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) and the U.S. Geological Survey, the UGS has made the geologic data within the archive more accessible for public use and further analysis. Relevant subsurface data have been extracted from the archived geotechnical and related reports, and each exploration location (borings, test pits, sample locations, etc.) is geolocated, as represented by colored points on this map. The data include information about the exploration location, descriptive soil units encountered, and soil sample and laboratory test data. Access to digital copies of the original reports is also provided when viewing borehole point data. Use the mouse to zoom to the area of interest then left click on a point to select the exploration location and view information about that location.

Extraction of geologic data from the Geodata Archive is ongoing and this map will be updated periodically. These data will form the first phase of development of a three-dimensional geologic database of Utah. We welcome donations of geologic reports and/or data we do not currently have in the archive, particularly development-related geotechnical reports, to further enhance the database and its usefulness.

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