Wetlands Program

Wetlands occupy approximately 1% of the landscape in Utah. This relatively uncommon resource occurs in all ecosystems, creating a number of distinct wetland types including marshes, fens, playas, and lake-fringe wetlands. Though wetlands constitute a minor component of the landscape, they provide diverse ecosystem services including flood attenuation, water-quality enhancement, sediment storage, and nutrient cycling, as well as providing critical habitat for wildlife and economic and aesthetic values for people.



Wetlands Staff

State Wetlands Coordinator

Diane Menuz

Phone: (801) 538-7436
Email: dmenuz@utah.gov

Diane Menuz is the State Wetland Coordinator and a wetland ecologist with the Groundwater Program at the Utah Geological Survey, where she has worked since 2013. She has a B.S. from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and a M.S. from Utah State University, both in ecology. She coordinates wetland research at the UGS, including wetland field assessments, wetland mapping, and outreach to government agencies and the public. In her free time, Diane enjoys hiking, rock climbing, canyoneering, and other adventures with her husband, daughter, and German wirehaired pointer, Abby.

Program Specialist

Peter Goodwin

Phone: (801) 537-3130
Email: pgoodwin@utah.gov

Pete Goodwin is a wetland mapper with the Groundwater Program at the Utah Geological Survey. He rejoined the UGS in February 2019 following a 2014 seasonal internship having spent the intervening years working as an environmental consultant specializing in botanical inventories, aquatic resource delineations, and permitting documentation. When not actively mapping wetlands, Pete can most likely be found running, climbing, or skiing somewhere in the Wasatch.

Wetland Ecologist

Miles McCoy-Sulentic

Phone: (801) 537-3345
Email: mmcoy-sulentic@utah.gov

Miles McCoy-Sulentic is a Wetland Ecologist with the Groundwater Program. He completed a M.S. degree at Northern Arizona University and joined the Utah Geological Survey in 2017.