Groundwater Program

The Groundwater Program conducts studies of environmental change to aid resource management, evaluates the quantity and quality of Utah’s groundwater resources, and maintains the Utah Wetland Information Center (UWIC) which provides a broad spectrum of wetland-related resources from spatial data to outreach and educational materials.


  • Groundwater Resource & Environmental Evaluations – Provides technical assistance to state and local governments on groundwater-related issues, and identifies and fulfills groundwater-information needs.
  • Groundwater Monitoring Data Portal The UGS developed the Groundwater Monitoring Data Portal to store and distribute large quantities of monitoring data acquired through the West Desert Groundwater Monitoring-Well Project (including Snake Valley) and other projects. Learn more.
  • National Groundwater Monitoring Network – The UGS contributes groundwater quality and groundwater level data to the National Ground-Water Monitoring Network (NGWMN), a compilation of selected wells that monitor groundwater aquifers all over the United States. The NGWMN Data Portal brings groundwater data together in one place to provide users with current and reliable information for the planning, management, and development of groundwater resources. Learn more.

Groundwater Staff

Program Manager | Senior Scientist

Hugh Hurlow

Phone: (801) 537-3385
Email: hughhurlow@utah.gov

Hugh Hurlow is a hydrogeologist and the Program Manager for the Groundwater Program at the Utah Geological Survey, joining the Survey in 1995. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Washington (1992), a M.S. from the University of Wyoming (1987), and a Sc.B. from Brown University (1984), all in geological sciences. He was a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Montana for two years prior to moving to Utah. Hugh’s first UGS project was a hydrogeologic study of the St. George–Kanarraville area in southwestern Utah. Other significant projects include studying the hydrogeologic framework and establishing a regional groundwater monitoring network in Snake Valley and adjacent areas in west-central Utah; hydrogeologic setting of springs in eastern Arches National Park; and work in progress to study the hydrologic effects of large-scale environmental restoration of sage-steppe ecosystems. Awards include the UGS Crawford Award for outstanding UGS publications for his 2014 Snake Valley and 2008 Curlew Valley hydrogeologic reports (UGS Bulletin 135 and Special Study 126, respectively). Hugh is from Tacoma, Washington, and spends significant time in Washington and Oregon visiting his and his wife Marilyn’s family and friends, and hiking. Hugh and Marilyn have a son who is an organic chemist and a daughter who is a geologist.

Senior Geologist (Hydrogeology)

Paul Inkenbrandt

Phone: (801) 537-3361
Email: paulinkenbrandt@utah.gov
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paul-inkenbrandt-0418b711/
Online Textbook: http://opengeology.org/textbook/

Paul Inkenbrandt has been a Senior Geologist and hydrogeologist with the Utah Geological Survey since September 2009. He has a M.S. in geology from Utah State University and a B.S. from the University of Southern Indiana.  Paul is experienced in database management, geographic information systems, and Python scripting. He also teaches introductory geology at Salt Lake Community College. In his personal time, he is actively involved in the Utah Geological Association, maintains his vegetable garden, and spends time with his family.

Senior Geologist (Hydrogeology)

J. Lucy Jordan

Phone: (801) 537-3347
Email: lucyjordan@utah.gov

J. Lucy Jordan is a Senior Geologist and hydrogeologist in the Groundwater Program at the UGS. She has a B.S. degree in geology from North Dakota State University and a M.S. in geology from the University of Montana. Lucy has 25 years of experience in groundwater investigations in Utah and Montana. She worked on groundwater contamination from copper mining in Butte, Montana and at Kennecott Utah Copper’s Bingham Canyon Mine in Utah. While employed in consulting, she worked on water-supply and protection projects in Utah for a decade prior to joining Utah Geological Survey in 2004. Lucy’s work with UGS has focused on water-resource assessments in Utah, including water-quality studies, aquifer testing, well drilling, spring and wetland inventories, and nitrate- and salinity-compromised groundwater systems. She is currently managing a real-time surface-water flow monitoring program in Snake Valley, western Utah. Lucy is a member of the National Ground Water Association and the Utah Geological Association, and is an officer of the local chapter of the Association for Women Geoscientists. Lucy is a licensed Professional Geologist in the State of Utah.

Senior Geologist (Hydrogeology + Geothermal)

Stefan Kirby

Phone: (801) 537-3349
Email: stefankirby@utah.gov

Stefan Kirby is a Senior Geologist and licensed Professional Geologist with the Groundwater Program of the Utah Geological Survey.  His work has included a broad range of topics that include geothermal projects, basin-scale groundwater studies and water budgets, local and regional geologic mapping in the eastern Great Basin, establishment of regional-scale groundwater level and groundwater quality monitoring networks, statistical analysis of basin-scale groundwater chemistry, aquifer testing, and drilling and completion of various types of groundwater monitoring wells.  Stefan received a M.S. in geology from Utah State University in 2005 and joined the UGS 2004.

Geologist (Hydrogeology)

Emily McDermott

Phone: (801) 537-3389
Email: emcdermott@utah.gov

Emily McDermott is a Geologist in the Groundwater Program at the Utah Geological Survey. She earned a B.S. in geological science from Brigham Young University and is pursuing a M.S. degree at Utah State University. Emily has been at the UGS since January 2017. Her projects include work on juniper/pinyon pine removal and basin studies for Juab Valley and Bryce Canyon. When she’s not working, she and her geologist husband can be found exploring rocks, camping, and hiking.

Senior GIS Analyst

Nathan Payne

Phone: (801) 537-3391
Email: npayne@utah.gov

Nate Payne is a GIS Analyst with the Groundwater Program at the Utah Geological Survey. He graduated with a B.S. degree in geography from Utah State University and joined the UGS in April 2014. When he is not making maps or analyzing groundwater data, Nate enjoys hiking, fly-fishing, flying drones, and exploring the backcountry of the Intermountain West.

Geologist (Hydrogeology)

Trevor Schlossnagle

Phone: (801) 537-3335
Email: tschlossnagle@utah.gov

Trevor Schlossnagle is a Geologist and hydrogeologist with the Groundwater Program at the Utah Geological Survey. He has a B.S. in environmental science from SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry and studied hydrology at New Mexico Tech. He spent several years in consulting, working on Department of Defense groundwater contamination projects, before joining the UGS in July 2018. Trevor’s work with UGS has focused on applying geochemistry to groundwater issues, including water budgets, hydrogeologic characterization, and monitoring hydrologic effects of large-scale watershed restoration projects.

Senior Geologist (Water Quality Specialist)

Janae Wallace

Phone: (801) 537-3387
Email: janaewallace@utah.gov

Janae Wallace is a Senior Geologist in the Groundwater Program and has been with the Utah Geological Survey since 1996. She has a B.S. degree from the University of Utah and M.S. degree from Northern Arizona University. Her projects involve groundwater quality, especially groundwater quality classifications, nitrate studies, septic-tank density analysis, aquifer storage and recovery projects, and currently watershed restorative initiative projects working in concert with sister agencies in the Utah Department of Natural Resources and Utah Department of Environmental Quality.