Community Velocity Model (CVM) and Other Geophysical Data

The Utah Geological Survey (UGS) and U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) have a cooperative agreement to study earthquake-hazards in Utah with an ultimate goal of producing detailed earthquake-hazards maps, including large-scale ground-shaking maps along the densely populated Wasatch Front urban corridor.

An important component of the ground-shaking maps is developing a three-dimensional model of the subsurface, a Wasatch Front Community Velocity Model (CVM), that incorporates shallow shear-wave velocity (Vs), deep-basin structure, and other effects. To aid in producing these maps, the UGS has compiled databases of Vs and deep-basin geophysical and well logs.

Geophysical Data Donations

The UGS accepts geophysical data donations, including deep borehole logs, geophysical data, and shear-wave profiles, that may be included in our databases and used for future updates to site-conditions maps and the CVM. The data are made available to, and intended to benefit, the geotechnical community and the general public. For additional information or to submit data, contact Greg McDonald at 801-537-3383, email: