Geologic Programs

Energy & Minerals Program

The Energy & Minerals Program provides geologic information to government, industry, and individuals to encourage and aid in the prudent development of the state’s mineral and energy resources; inventories, documents, and researches Utah’s abundant mineral and energy resources; and, maintains the Utah Core Research Center.

Geologic Hazards Program

The Geologic Hazards Program helps protect Utah’s public health and safety by investigating geologic hazards and environmental concerns involving geology; provides state and local governments and the public with information and technical services; compiles small- and large-scale geologic-hazard maps; and performs detailed studies on geologic hazards and water resources.

Geologic Information & Outreach Program

The Geologic Information & Outreach Program answers questions and provides information on Utah’s geology to the public, educators, industry, and decision makers; produces non-technical flyers and colorful brochures on a variety of geologic topics; provides geologic resources to teachers; and, maintains the Natural Resources Map & Bookstore and UGS Library.

Geologic Mapping Program

The Geologic Mapping Program maps Utah’s geology at scales of 1:24,000 (7.5 minute quadrangle maps) to 1:100,000 (regional maps). These maps and accompanying booklets describe stratigraphy, structure, Quaternary geology, geologic hazards, economic geology, ground-water resources, and scenic geologic resources. UGS geologic maps are used by geologists, government officials, industry representatives, and the public to better understand Utah’s geology, delineate the economic value and potential of property, and assess geologic hazards. The Paleontology Section maintains and publishes records of Utah’s fossil resources and provides paleontological and archaeological recovery services to state and local governments.

Groundwater Program

The Groundwater Program conducts studies of environmental change to aid resource management, evaluates the quantity and quality of Utah’s groundwater resources, and maintains the Utah Wetland Information Center (UWIC) which provides a broad spectrum of wetland-related resources from spatial data to outreach and educational materials.