Utah Wetland Information Center

New! Wetland Plant Application – Interactive Map

A tool that allows users to query, view, and download plant community composition data from Utah’s wetlands.

Wetlands occupy approximately 1% of the landscape in Utah. This relatively uncommon resource occurs in all ecosystems, creating a number of distinct wetland types including marshes, fens, playas, and lake-fringe wetlands. Though wetlands constitute a minor component of the landscape, they provide diverse ecosystem services including flood attenuation, water-quality enhancement, sediment storage, and nutrient cycling, as well as providing critical habitat for wildlife and economic and aesthetic values for people.

The Utah Wetland Information Center (UWIC) provides a broad spectrum of wetland-related resources from spatial data to outreach and educational materials. The goal of the UWIC is to enhance the wetland program in Utah and act as a catalyst to encourage collaboration across state and federal agencies, research institutions, private organizations, and the public. The UWIC is hosted by the Groundwater Program of the Utah Geological Survey with development funding from an EPA Wetland Program Development Grant.

Wetland Mapping and Spatial Data
Publicly available wetland spatial data, interactive Utah wetlands map, and other spatial data resources.

Wetland Monitoring and Assessment
Monitoring and assessment methods for Utah wetlands.

Wetland Reports and Publications
UGS publications, recent reports, and clearinghouse for wetland-related documents including research, management plans, and technical reports.

Wetland Outreach and Education
Wetland-related curriculum, training, and outreach resources.

Additional Wetland Resources
Local, state, and federal online wetland resources.

Contact Information

Diane Menuz, Utah State Wetlands Coordinator, Utah Geological Survey, dmenuz@utah.gov, 801.538.7436