Groundwater Resources/Hydrogeology Publications

Hydrogeology of the Malad–Lower Bear River basin, north-central Utah and south-central Idaho, by Hugh Hurlow, 39 p., 3 pl., ISBN 978-1-55791-934-2, 2017 SS-157
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Hydrogeology of the Powder Mountain area, Weber and Cache Counties, Utah, by Paul C. Inkenbrandt, Stefan M. Kirby, and Brittany Dame, 36 p. + appendices, 2016 SS-156

Baseline Hydrology of Ashley Spring, by Paul Inkenbrandt, Janae Wallace, and Melissa Hendrickson, CD (54 p.), 2015 SS-154 $14.95

Hydrogeologic studies and groundwater monitoring in Snake Valley and adjacent hydrographic areas, west-central Utah and east-central Nevada, edited by Hugh Hurlow, DVD (269 p., 4 pl.), 2014 B-135 $24.95

  • Report (pdf), includes Appendices A, B, E
  • Plate 1 Compiled Geologic Map of the Snake Valley and Adjoining Hydrographic Areas, Utah and Nevada (pdf)
  • Plate 2 Geologic Units, Cross Sections, and Geologic Time Scale (pdf)
  • Plate 3 Groundwater-Level Records from UGS Groundwater-Monitoring Sites, 2007–2013 (pdf)
  • Plate 4 Groundwater-Level Records from USGS Groundwater-Monitoring Sites, 1980–2013 (pdf)
  • Appendices C & D and Data Tables (zip)

Regional groundwater flow and water quality in the Virgin River Basin and surrounding areas, Utah and Arizona, by Paul Inkenbrandt, Kevin Thomas, and J. Lucy Jordan, CD (46 p. + 4 p. appendix), 2013 RI-272 $19.95

Aquifer parameter estimation from aquifer tests and specific-capacity data in Cedar Valley and the Cedar Pass area, Utah County, Utah, by J. Lucy Jordan, CD (53 p.), 2013 SS-146 $19.95

Hydrogeology and simulation of groundwater flow in Cedar Valley, Utah County, Utah. By J. Lucy Jordan and Walid W. Sabbah, CD (125 p. + 96 p. appendices, 2 pl.), ISBN 978-1-55791-868-0, 2013 SS-145 $24.95
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Plates 1 & 2
Table C-1 database (xls)

Summary of results from the Courthouse Wash monitoring well, by Stefan M. Kirby, 6 p., 2013 OFR-606 $4.95 (print-on-demand)
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Summary of compiled fluid geochemistry with depth analyses in the Great Basin and adjoining regions, by Stefan M. Kirby, CD (10 p.), 2012 OFR-603 $14.95
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Summary of compiled permeability with depth measurements for basin fill, igneous, carbonate, and siliciclastic rocks in the Great Basin and adjoining regions, by Stefan M. Kirby, CD (9 p.), 2012 OFR-602 $14.95
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Subsidence in sedimentary basins due to groundwater withdrawal for geothermal energy development, by Mike Lowe, CD (9 p.), 2012 OFR-601 $14.95
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Geologic and hydrogeologic characterization of regional nongeothermal groundwater resources in the Cove Fort area, Millard and Beaver Counties, Utah
Special Study 140
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  • Report (pdf- 7MB)
  • Plate 1 Geologic map (pdf – 24MB)
  • Plate 2 Geologic cross sections (pdf – 2MB)

Hydrogeology of Morgan Valley, Morgan County, Utah
Special Study 139
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  • Report (pdf- 34MB)
  • Plate 1 Geologic map (pdf – 38MB)
  • Plate 2 Geologic cross sections (pdf – 3.5MB)
  • Plate 3 Contoured complete Bouguer anomaly map (pdf – 10MB)
  • Plate 4 Schematic isopach map (pdf – 9MB)
  • Plate 5 Recharge area (pdf – 9MB)
  • Plate 6 Total-dissolved-solids concentration map (pdf – 8MB)
  • Plate 7 Groundwater-quality classification map (pdf – 8.5MB)
  • Plate 8 Potential contaminant sources map (pdf – 8MB)
  • Plate 9 Nitrate concentration map (pdf – 8MB)

Geology and ground-water chemistry, Curlew Valley, northwestern Utah and south-central Idaho – Implications for hydrogeology (pdf – 18MB)
Special Study 126

Geologic and hydrologic characterization of the Dakota-Burro Canyon aquifer near Blanding, San Juan County, Utah
Special Study 123

  • Report (pdf – 18.5MB)
  • Plate 1 Geologic map (pdf – 2MB)
  • Plate 2 Measured sections of formations (pdf – 1MB)
  • Plate 3 Burro Canyon Formation structure-contour map (pdf – 2MB)
  • Plate 4 Potentiometric surface for aquifer (pdf – 3MB)

The hydrogeology of Moab-Spanish Valley, Grand and San Juan Counties, Utah, with emphasis on maps for water-resource management and land-use planning
Special Study 120

  • Report (pdf- 16MB)
  • Plate 1 Geologic map (pdf – 1MB)
  • Plate 2 Structural compartments and fracture-site data (pdf – 1MB)
  • Plate 3 Geologic cross sections (pdf)
  • Plate 4 Glen Canyon Group structure-contour map (pdf – 1MB)
  • Plate 5 Glen Canyon Group isopach map (pdf – 1MB)
  • Plate 6 Valley-fill isopach and selected water wells (pdf – 4.5MB)
  • Plate 7 Recharge and discharge areas (pdf – 4MB)
  • Plate 8 Total-dissolved-solids concentration map (pdf)
  • Plate 9 Nitrate concentration map (pdf)
  • Plate 10 Ground-water quality classification map (pdf)
  • Plate 11 Potential contaminant source map (pdf)
  • Plate 12 Recommended septic-system density (pdf)

Hydrogeologic setting of the Snake Valley Hydrologic Basin, Millard County, Utah, and White Pine and Lincoln Counties, Nevada — Implications for possible effects of proposed water wells (pdf – 88MB)
Report of Investigation 254

The geology of Cedar Valley, Utah County, Utah, and its relation to ground-water conditions
Special Study 109

  • Report (pdf- 2MB)
  • Plate 1 Compiled geologic map (pdf – 30MB)
  • Plate 2 Geologic cross sections (pdf)
  • Plate 3 Geologic cross sections (pdf)
  • Plate 4 Schematic Isopach map of basin-fill deposits (pdf – 25MB)

The geology of the Kamas-Coalville Region, Summit County, Utah, and its relation to ground-water conditions
Water Resources Bulletin 29

The geology of Cedar Valley, Iron County, Utah, and its relation to ground-water conditions
Special Study 103

The geology of the central Virgin River basin, southwestern Utah, and its relation to ground-water conditions (pdf)
Water Resources Bulletin 26

The geology of the Snyderville basin, western Summit County, Utah, and its relation to ground-water conditions (pdf)
Water Resources Bulletin 28

A summary of the ground-water resources and geohydrology of Grand County, Utah (pdf)
Circular 99

Preliminary hydrogeologic framework characterization – ground-water resources along the western side of the northern Wasatch Range, eastern Box Elder County, Utah (pdf)
Circular 101

A summary of the geology and hydrogeology of the Cedar Valley drainage basin, Iron County, Utah (pdf – 3MB)
Open-file Report 360

Potential for potable ground water on State land near Canyonlands National Park, (San Juan Co.) Utah, section 16, T. 30 S., R. 20 E. (pdf – 1MB)
Report of Investigation 230