Carbon Sequestration Project

Reactive, Multi-phase Behavior of CO2 in Saline Aquifers beneath the Colorado Plateau

Major occurrences of known gas fields having high concentrations of CO2. Red dots are the point sources of CO2 emissions from power plants with dots sized according to the amount of annual CO2 emissions (in million metric tons).

Project Information

Background: DOE Carbon Sequestration Research Initiatives

Proposal Abstract

Project Overview

The Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) funded a project titled “Reactive, Multi-phase Behavior of CO2 in Saline Aquifers beneath the Colorado Plateau” for a three-year period beginning August 13, 2000.

This project involves three research organizations: the Utah Geological Survey (UGS), the Energy and Geoscience Institute at the University of Utah (EGI), and Industrial Research Limited from New Zealand (IRL). The Principal Investigators are Rick Allis (UGS), Joe Moore (EGI) and Stephen White (IRL).

In addition to the funding from NETL, more funding is being contributed by the UGS and the Utah Energy Office. Total funding for this project is $428,000.


The Gothic Shale at Greater Aneth Oil Field, Paradox Basin, Southeastern Utah: Seal for Hydrocarbons and Carbon Dioxide Geological Sequestration

Thomas C. Chidsey, Jr., Stephanie Carney, Jason Heath, and Thomas Dewers
Presented at the American Association of Petroleum Geologists annual convention, Denver, Colorado, June 9, 2009.

Why Modelers Need to Look at the Rocks! – Examples from Greater Aneth Field, Paradox Basin, Utah

Thomas C. Chidsey, Jr., David E. Eby, Michael D. Laine, and Thomas Dempster
Presented at the American Association of Petroleum Geologists-Rocky Mountain Section Meeting, Snowbird, Utah, October 9, 2007.

Aneth oil field, southeastern Utah: Demonstration site for geologic sequestration of carbon dioxide

Thomas C. Chidsey, Jr., and Richard G. Allis, Utah Geological Survey
Stephen E. Malkewicz, Resolute Natural Resources, Denver
Wilson Groen, Navajo Nation Oil & Gas Company, Inc., Arizona
Brian McPherson and Jason Heath, New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology
Presented at the 5th Annual Conference on Carbon Capture & Sequestration, Alexandria, Virginia, 2006.

Implications of results from CO2 flux surveys over known CO2 systems for long-term monitoring

Rick Allis, Tom Chidsey, Craig Morgan, and Kevin McClure, Utah Geological Survey
Joe Moore, Energy & Geoscience Institute, Univ. of Utah
Deborah Bergfeld, U.S.G.S.
Jason Heath and Brian McPherson, New Mexico Tech.
Presented at the Fourth Annual Conference on Carbon Capture & Sequestration, Alexandria, Virginia, 2005.

Natural CO2 Reservoirs on the Colorado Plateau & Southern Rocky Mountains: Candidates for CO2 Sequestration

Rick Allis, Thomas C. Chidsey, Jr., Wally Gwynn, and Craig D. Morgan, UGS
S. White, Industrial Research Ltd
M. Adams and J. Moore, Energy and Geoscience Institute, University of Utah



For more information contact Rick Allis, 801-537-3301; email or Joe Moore, 801-585-6931; email