St George 30‘ x 60’ 3-D Geologic Map And Virtual Field Trip

3-D Geologic Maps

We created a high-resolution overlay of the new geologic map of the St. George 30′ x 60′ quadrangle that can be draped over the landscape on virtual globes such as Google Earth™, allowing viewers to see the geology of southwest Utah in three dimensions (3-D).

Using the tilt and zoom features of virtual globes, viewers can fly over the landscape to view the dramatic relationship between geology and topography from any angle and at any scale. The geologic map is improved with slope-enhanced shaded relief and a high-resolution scan of the topographic base map. Viewers can also click on geologic unit labels to reveal additional geologic information in pop-up balloons.

Google Earth™ or another virtual globe program supporting KMZ files must be installed on your computer to use these files (See download link on this page).

This map overlay does not include the explanatory information that accompanies the published geologic map, Geologic Map of the St. George and East Part of the Clover Mountains 30 x 60 Quadrangles, Washington and Iron Counties, Utah (UGS Map 242), which is available for $19.95 at the Natural Resources Map & Bookstore, located at 1594 West North Temple, Salt Lake City, (801) 537-3320 or 1-888-UTAHMAP,

Virtual Field Trip

St. George 30′ x 60′ virtual field trip is a KMZ which contains 83 points of interest within the St. George 30′ x 60′ map area. These points contain pictures and descriptions of unique and interesting geologic features within the map area. The Virtual Field Trip may be viewed separately or in conjunction with the geologic map overlay; it can be run automatically, pausing where necessary to read figure captions, or users can simply skip from one point of interest to another in no particular order. Check out the introduction to the field trip for more information.

St. George 3-D Maps:

Geologic Map Overlay

Virtual Field Trip:

St George 30′ x 60′ Virtual Field Trip

Please note that the Geologic Map Overlay and the Virtual Field Trip are fully functional only with the latest version (version 5 or higher) of Google Earth™.