Dinosaur Tracksites and Fossil Trails

Use this guide to locate dinosaur tracksites and trails in Utah. This information is not updated regularly; therefore some tracksites may not be on this list. If you see incorrect or incomplete information, please email christinewilkerson@utah.gov.

St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm

2180 East Riverside
St. George, UT 84790
(435) 574-3466

Contact site or go to their website for hours and fee information.

Website: St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm

After several years of research and continual discovery, this site has evolved into a world-class dinosaur site with an on-site museum that includes the rare combination of fossilized bones and footprints of dinosaurs and many other ancient animals. When you visit, you will:

  • Walk through a ‘snapshot’ of a lake ecosystem from Early Jurassic time and observe fish, plants, and animal traces made by invertebrates and vertebrates.
  • See over 2000 tracks made by at least several kinds of dinosaurs, ancient crocodylians, fish, and many other animals.
  • See one of only two fossil tracks in the entire world made by a sitting theropod dinosaur.
  • See the largest single track block in any museum in the world. This block, weighing 52,000 lbs., has fourteen dinosaur trackways across its surface.

Moab Area Tracks and Trails

Moab Field Office
Bureau of Land Management
82 East Dogwood
Moab, UT 84532

Contact the BLM Moab office for trail and track information and hours.

  • Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail

Website:Mill Canyon Trail

Along this nature trail, which requires a moderate 1/2-mile hike, Morrison Formation dinosaur fossils and petrified wood may be seen in a natural setting. This outdoor museum is a bold experiment, where you, the visitor, are the protector of this valuable resource; collecting is not allowed. Only you assure that this fragile legacy is preserved so those who follow may see, learn, and enjoy. The trailhead is in Mill Canyon on a dirt road, accessible by passenger vehicle, off U.S. Highway 191, 13 miles north of Moab, Utah (near mile marker 141). For a brochure and map, contact the Moab BLM office listed above.

  •  Sauropod Dinosaur Tracksite

This tracksite includes the first sauropod tracks reported in Utah. It is located in an exposure of the Salt Wash Member of the Morrison Formation north of Moab, Utah. The sauropod tracks are seen making a sharp turn to the right, a phenomenon rarely observed in fossil trackways. They are associated with theropod tracks. There are no guards or fences here. You, the visitor, are the protector of this valuable resource. The site may be reached by a 2-wheel drive dirt road off U.S. Highway 191, 23 miles north of Moab. For more information contact the Moab BLM office listed above.

  • Potash Road Dinosaur Tracks

Dinosaur tracks may be seen along the Potash Road Scenic Byway, State Highway 279, which follows the Colorado River south of Moab. The tracks are located approximately 4.5 miles along the road from its junction with Highway 191, which is 4 miles north of Moab. The tracks are visible from the road and a spotting scope is available. For better viewing, binoculars are useful, or you may hike directly up to the tracksite.

Red Fleet Dinosaur Trackways

Red Fleet State Park
8750 North Hwy. 191
Vernal, Utah 84078-7801

Contact state park or go to their website for hours and fee information.

Website: Red Fleet State Park

Move than 200 tracks of two different types of dinosaurs are exposed along the shoreline of Red Fleet Reservoir, 10 miles north of Vernal, Utah, just off U.S. Highway 191. The tracksite may be reached by boat, or by a two mile round-trip hike. The tracks could be covered by snow in the winter or covered by water during spring runoff.

Washington County Tracksites

St. George Field Office
Bureau of Land Management
345 East Riverside Drive
St. George, Utah 84790
435.688.3252 fax

Contact the BLM St. George office for tracksite information and hours.

  • Warner Valley Dinosaur Tracksite

The trackways from two different types of dinosaurs may be seen at this site in Warner Valley, southwest of St. George, Utah. This dirt road also takes the traveler to the historic site of Fort Pearce. The route is signed, but for specific directions, contact the BLM St. George Field Office. A short trail leads to the trackways and an information sign.

  • Washington City Tracksite

Dinosaur tracks from the Moenave Formation are also found near Washington City north of St. George. They are exposed in the wash below a new city water tank. The pink water tank is visible from the freeway in the hills north of town, but exact directions are also available at the St. George BLM office listed above.

Escalante Petrified Forest State Park

710 North Reservoir Road
Escalante, UT 84726

Contact state park or go to their website for hours and fee information.

Website: Escalante Petrified Forest State Park

A 1.5-mile long trail at this state park takes the visitor past a colorful array of petrified wood. A Visitors Center and “petrified rock garden” have fine examples of the Morrison Formation’s dinosaur bones, petrified wood, and other fossils. The park also features a reservoir and overnight camping.