General Geology

Rocks & Minerals

Rocks & MineralsInformation on collecting, meteorites, landscape rocks, rock types, rock cycle, minerals, and mining.
Dinosaurs & Fossils

Dinosaurs & FossilsInformation on dinosaurs, fossils, ice age wildlife, tracksites and collecting.
Earthquakes & Geologic Hazards
Earthquakes & Geologic HazardsGeologic hazards include earthquakes & faults, landslides & rock falls, radon, earth fissues & ground cracks.
Oil, Coal & Energy

Oil, Coal & EnergyIncludes information on oil & gas, coal, geothermal energy, carbon sequestration, and UGS energy news.
Great Salt Lake, Lake Bonneville & Bear Lake

Great Salt Lake, Lake Bonneville & Bear LakeInformation on Great Salt Lake, ancient Lake Bonneville, and Bear Lake.
Glad You Asked
Glad You AskedSurvey Notes column that answers general geologic questions on a variety of subjects.
Geologic History

Geologic HistoryA brief geologic history of Utah; how rocks tell a story and other articles.
Utah Landforms
Utah LandformsLandforms of Utah and the physiographic provinces.
VolcanoesVolcanic features in Utah.
Ice Age
Ice AgeIce age information and wildlife and Utah’s glacial geology.
Groundwater & Wetlands
Groundwater & WetlandsInformation on Utah’s hydrologic cycle, hot springs, groundwater resources, and wetlands.
MultimediaUGS videos and PowerPoint presentations.