7.5’ Quadrangle Geologic Maps

These maps cover 7.5 minutes of latitude by 7.5 minutes of longitude, or about 55 square miles in Utah, and are the standard series for detailed geologic mapping. In this series, one inch on the map represents 24,000 inches, or 2,000 feet, on the ground.

To obtain maps: Click on map area to view popup windows containing map information and links to purchase printed and/or digital copies, or to download a pdf map or a zip file with GIS data (if available). U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) maps are available at the National Geologic Map Database.

Maps at other scales cover some of the gaps in 7.5′ map coverage: 1×2-degree quadrangle geologic maps, 30’x60′ quadrangle geologic maps. Other geologic maps include non-quadrangle geologic maps and national & state parks geologic maps.

Alphabetized List
7.5-minute quadrangle geologic maps listed by quadrangle name.

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