Utah Faults

Exposing the Wasatch Fault

Past large earthquakes on the central, most active segments of the fault and how geologists interpret evidence of large, prehistoric earthquakes, with footage from the North Creek trench investigation.

Wasatch Fault Flyby

The Salt Lake City segment of the Wasatch fault and related geologic features.

North Creek Trench on Wasatch Fault

Time-lapse video of the excavation and investigation of the North Creek trench on the Nephi segment of the Wasatch fault zone.

Compilation of existing information on faults and fault-related folds considered to be potential earthquake sources.

Earthquake Fault Information & County Fault Maps
General information about what a fault and a surface fault rupture are, and page-size county fault maps (Salt Lake, Utah, Davis, Weber, Cache, Tooele, Washington).

Geologic investigations of the Wasatch fault zone in Salt Lake City (pdf)
Information on 2010 fault-trench investigation of the Salt Lake City segment (East Bench fault).

The Wasatch Fault (pdf) Public Information Series #40
Written for the non-geologist and profusely illustrated. What is it, where is it, how to recognize it, building on it, what are earthquakes and how often do they occur, the future of the fault, and where to get more information – these are all included in this informative brochure.

Guidelines for evaluating surface-fault-rupture hazards in Utah (pdf) Miscellaneous Publication 03-6

I am thinking of buying a house at “X” address… is it near a fault?

Glacial striations and slickensides – What are those groovy rocks and how did they get that way?

Geologic Hazards Technical Information

Wasatch Fault Model; from Public Information Series #6, revised to May, 1990.