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UGS receives a new core donation from Whiting Oil & Gas.

UGS has received an exciting new core donation from Whiting Oil & Gas. It’s from four wells near the northern end of the San Rafael Swell with core from the Moenkopi Formation.

Contact the Utah Core Research Center for additional information.

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A festival of science

Science is fun and should be accessible to everyone – plus, there are many interesting scientific happenings on the Colorado Plateau – according to organizers of the first-ever Moab Festival of Science, scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 22, through Sunday, Sept. 25.


Life Bounced Back After the Dinosaurs Perished

When a six mile-wide asteroid struck the Earth 66 million years ago, it was one of the worst days in the history of the planet. About 75 percent of the known species were rapidly driven to extinction, including the non-avian dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus, the flying pterosaurs, the coil-shelled squid cousins called ammonites, and many more.


POTD September 14, 2016: Markagunt Plateau, Iron County

Markagunt Plateau, Iron County

Photographer: Tyler Knudsen © 2016


An unnamed lake fills one of countless sinkholes formed on southern Utah’s Markagunt Plateau. Dark boulders of Quaternary-age lava have collapsed into the sinkhole that is likely rooted in limestone of the underlying Tertiary-age Claron Formation.

The 2017 Calendar of Utah Geology is here!

The Utah Geological Survey 2017 Calendar of Utah Geology has arrived! The calendars are on sale for $4.95 each or $4.25 for orders of 10 or more at the Utah Natural Resources Map & Bookstore, 1594 West North Temple in Salt Lake City.

The photos are taken by staff members who are often on assignment in some of the most intriguing areas of the state.


Survey Notes September 2016 Issue is Here!

Our latest issue of Survey Notes is here!

Find articles on the salt crust on Great Salt Lake’s north arm, the geothermal project near Milford, Utah and more among our regular featured columns.



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POTD September 6, 2016

Along the Colorado River, Grand County
Photographer: Ryhan Sempler © 2016

Utah emerges as 1 of 2 candidates for underground geothermal lab

The University of Utah emerged as one of two final candidates in a nationwide hunt to develop an underground laboratory tapping ways to harness the power of man-made geothermal reservoirs.