POTD December 6, 2016: Red Canyon, Garfield County

Tertiary-age Claron Formation erodes into rugged and dramatic canyons near Red Canyon, Garfield County.
Photographer: J. Lucy Jordan © 2016


Utah Natural Resources Map & Bookstore holiday shopping

The holiday season is here and the DNR Map & Bookstore is full of great gift ideas. Come see us at the Department of Natural Resources building on the corner of North Temple and Redwood Road in Salt Lake City.



Upcoming Field Forum: Catastrophic Mega-Scale Landslide Failure of Large Volcanic Fields


Don’t miss this upcoming field forum: Catastrophic mega-scale landslide failure of large volcanic fields
September 16-22, 2017, Cedar City and Bryce Canyon City, Utah

Robert F. Biek—Utah Geological Survey, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, bobbiek@utah.gov
David B. Hacker—Department of Geology, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, USA, dhacker@kent.edu
Peter D. Rowley—Geologic Mapping Inc., New Harmony, Utah, USA, pdrowley@rushisp.com

A 6-day field forum designed to investigate the concept of exceptionally large catastrophic collapse of volcanic fields using the distinguishing characteristics and geologic implications of the gigantic Markagunt gravity slide and Marysvale volcanic field, southwest Utah.

Application deadline: January 31, 2017


Google Timelapse: Great Salt Lake, UT

In anticipation of tomorrow’s breaching of the railroad causeway which dissects Great Salt Lake, below is a Google Timelapse of the lake.

Great Salt Lake’s south arm elevation is currently at about 4192.4 feet, roughly 1 foot above its historic low of 4191.35 feet. The north arm is currently at about 4189.1. Typically near the beginning of December winter weather starts a rebound in lake levels. However, with tomorrow’s breaching of the causeway the two arms will mix, raising the north arm an estimated 18 inches and lowering the south arm an estimated 1 foot. Will the south arm drop to a new historic low?

POTD November 29, 2016: Devils Garden, Garfield County

Hoodoo consisting of Jurassic-age Entrada Sandstone, Devils Garden, Garfield County.
Photographer: Marshall Robinson © 2016.


POTD November 22, 2016: Devils Playground, Box Elder County

Eroded granitic rock of the Tertiary-age Emigrant Pass pluton at Devils Playground, Box Elder County.
Photographer: Adam McKean © 2016


Uniquely Utah: State employees compete to fill calendar with beautiful shots


Employees with the Utah Department of Natural Resources work in every corner of the state, and every year they submit photos in the hope of being featured in an annual calendar.

Check out this week’s edition of Uniquely Utah:



POTD November 15, 2016: White Rock Bay, Antelope Island, Davis County

White Rock Bay, Antelope Island, Davis County
Photographer: Jim Davis © 2016
Pink dolomite boulders of the Precambrian-age Kelley Canyon Formation frame the salt-coated beach of White Rock Bay.

POTD November 8, 2016: Canyonlands National Park, Wayne County

Columns of Permian-age Organ Rock Shale seemingly defy gravity in the Land of Standing Rocks in the remote Maze district of Canyonlands National Park, Wayne County.

Photographer: Tyler Knudsen © 2016



Dinosaur day; unearthing ancient Lake Dixie, swimming dinosaurs


FEATURE — Representing a recent discovery of a remarkable past, the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm offers visitors a glimpse at an early Jurassic lakeside habitat via a site uniquely preserved from volcanic destruction. Displayed at this site are not only rare trackways of carnivorous dinosaurs but swim tracks and the fossil fish that dinosaurs consumed. Also displayed are plant fossils which rimmed the shoreline approximately 200 million years ago.