Funding sought for T. rex excavation

Tyrannosaurus rex! Few names inspire as much awe and fear as T. rex, the undisputed king of the Late Cretaceous time period in North America. Even though this beast’s name is a household word, T. rex and its cousins (collectively known as tyrannosaurs) are actually quite rare. This is even truer for those members of the family that lived in the southern U.S. and Mexico. For that region, the number of identifiable skulls can be counted on one hand.


Study: Europe witnessed dinosaur exodus

More than a Bank Holiday—Evidence of a large scale dinosaur migration out of Europe.

More than 100 million years ago, something curious happened.


New Droopy Dinosaur Hung Its Head Like an Enormous Eeyore

Heading in the right direction—scientists unearth a titanosaur skull that’s lending a lot of insight on these large dinosaurs.

The largest dinosaurs of all time had a bad habit of losing their heads. When a titanosaur died, its small skull often wound up far from its massive body, making it hard for paleontologists to track down an animal’s noggin millions of years later.


Fossil find: New Pterosaur found near Dinosaur National Monument

Pterrorizing Vernal, Utah like it’s 210 million years ago.

There’s more reason to make the voyage toward Vernal, Utah — and to be glad you weren’t doing so 210 million years ago.


Earthquake country laid bare

Signs of earthquakes are everywhere in the chaotically beautiful geology of southwest Utah and the region where the mile-high Colorado Plateau falls off into the corrugated Basin-and-Range landscape that dominates neighboring Nevada.


North American Mammoths May Have Been a Single Species

From the tundra of Alaska to the plains of central Mexico, from islands off California to the Atlantic coastline, mammoths trumpeted and bellowed across North America. Paleontologists traditionally have divided all these Ice Age pachyderms into at least three species—and perhaps as many as four or five. This division was based on differences in teeth and bone. But these aren’t the only clues; mammoths also left remnants of their genes, and this DNA tells a different story. Where there were once multiple mammoths, there may have only been one.


Earthquake report spurs retrofitting in Utah, Nevada

A new report raising the likelihood of a destructive earthquake striking Salt Lake City in the next half century has underscored the urgency to retrofit more than 30,000 older brick homes and other unreinforced buildings at high risk of collapsing.


World’s Largest Dinosaurs Were Born Ready to Roam

Even the largest dinosaurs of all time started their lives breaking out of small eggs. Now, a rare fossil of a baby titanosaur suggests that once these precocious youngsters hatched, they were on their own in a harsh landscape.


Swarm of small earthquakes near Utah-Arizona border enters 4th week

A swarm of dozens of small earthquakes shaking a sparsely populated part of northwestern Arizona is entering its fourth week.


Great Utah ShakeOut: Preparing for the unthinkable, but inevitable

Tomorrow is Utah’s Great ShakeOut Drill, are you going to participate? Simple drills can help you be prepared to act in the event of an actual earthquake.

Nearly 1 million Utahns are signed up to participate in this year’s edition of the Great Utah ShakeOut, setting aside Thursday for events and education aimed at preparing for the inevitable Big One.