Low water in Great Salt Lake reveals ‘rocks that are alive’

Some lakes are home to legendary monsters (here’s looking at you, Bear Lake), while others are home to other organisms. Great Salt Lake’s great lows have exposed microbialites, also known as bioherms, allowing scientists and researchers an uncommon opportunity to get a closer look.


As Utah’s Great Salt Lake continues to drop during recent years of drought, something strange and wonderful is coming into focus in the shallows and exposed lake bed.


Blood and Thunder

Utah Natural Resources Map & Bookstore holiday guide: Blood and Thunder

Blood and Thunder

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Utah Natural Resources Map & Bookstore holiday guide: The Great Salt Lake


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By: Dale L. Morgan
Approached as history, geography, geology, or high adventure, The Great Salt Lake is fascinating reading. From the first Americans through mountain men, religious empires, railroads, and resorts, the remnant of ancient Lake Bonneville has been a nexus for human history, uniting a haunting beauty with raw desolation, strangely removed from common experience.

Prehistoric Life: The Definitive Visual History of Life on Earth

Utah Natural Resources Map & Bookstore holiday guide: Prehistoric Life

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Prehistoric Life: The Definitive Visual History of Life on Earth

Prehistoric Life: The Definitive Visual History of Life on Earth

By: Various Authors

Fascinating and authoritative, Prehistoric Life is an unprecedented survey of millions of years of life on planet Earth. Featuring an incredible mix of 3-D reconstructions, extraordinary skeletons, and amazingly intricate fossils, it uses the latest scientific research to recreate hundreds of ancient species, from the earliest primitive life forms to the great dinosaurs, early mammals, and even the first humans.

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Wasatch_fault (Weber segment) trench

Scientists help builders, planners prepare for Utah’s big quake

Here are a few more great articles highlighting the work some of our geologists have done towards recent earthquake research in the Salt Lake Valley:


Scientists help builders, planners prepare for Utah’s big quake

Utah’s seismic scientists are sounding a warning about impending earthquakes in Utah. They say Utah is not prepared for a major earthquake even though science tells us it is when, not if, one will hit the Wasatch front.




Experts suggest Utah unprepared for possibility of powerful earthquake

Experts say the state of Utah is not prepared for a big earthquake, and seismologists at the Earthquake Research Institute predict if a 7.0-magnitude quake hit the Wasatch Fault Line it would cost the state about $33 billion in economic losses.




Utah not ready for a major earthquake

A new study says Utah is not ready for a major earthquake.


Survey Notes 46-3

2015 Annual UGA Field Trip announced!!

The annual UGA Field Trip registration is open, and we would love to have you join us! This year Michael Vanden Berg and Doug Sprinkel will guide us through the spectacular geology of the Uinta Basin and the Eastern Uinta Mountains. See the itinerary pictured below. Interested but have some questions? Send them our way!

Utah Geological Association Field Trip
Uinta Basin and Eastern Uinta Mountains
September 17‐19, 2015

Field trip leaders: Michael Vanden Berg and Doug Sprinkel, Utah Geological Survey
Field trip organizer: Robert Ressetar

Cost: $290

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