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Great Utah ShakeOut: Preparing for the unthinkable, but inevitable

Tomorrow is Utah’s Great ShakeOut Drill, are you going to participate? Simple drills can help you be prepared to act in the event of an actual earthquake.

Nearly 1 million Utahns are signed up to participate in this year’s edition of the Great Utah ShakeOut, setting aside Thursday for events and education aimed at preparing for the inevitable Big One.


What Killed the Dinosaurs? Science Has Had Some Wild Ideas

Earlier this month on the Gulf coast of Mexico, an international team began drilling into a vast scar on Earth’s surface. The enormous pockmark, which stretches 110 miles (177 kilometers) wide, was created when a chunk of space rock slammed into the planet about 66 million years ago.


North Salt Lake Landslide Is Still Sliding; City Seeks Solutions

The Eaglepointe landslide is still sliding and North Salt Lake city leaders are still trying to find a solution.