Groundwater Studies

The Groundwater & Paleontology Program of the Utah Geological Survey (UGS) performs groundwater studies to protect the health and provide for the water needs of Utah citizens by helping identify and protect groundwater resources. The UGS provides technical assistance to state and local governments on groundwater-related issues, and identifies and fulfills groundwater-information needs.

Technical assistance to state and local governments

  • Water-resource evaluations ranging from regional studies at basin-wide scales to siting of water wells
  • Drinking-water-source-protection-area delineation for public water-supply-system wells and springs
  • Groundwater-quality classification to provide a basis for enacting defendable regulations to protect water resources
  • Recharge-area mapping for groundwater aquifers
  • Water-quality evaluation to identify potential sources of contamination
  • Septic-tank-system density/water-quality-degradation evaluations
  • Aquifer storage and recovery project development
  • Digital ground-water flow model development
  • Wetlands mapping, monitoring, and condition assessments

Wellhead-Protection-Area Delineations

The UGS is also involved in wellhead-protection-area delineations throughout the state in cooperation with the U.S. EPA, Utah Department of Environmental Quality, Utah Department of Agriculture, and various local governments.

For cities and towns with populations of 3,300 or less, and for a small fee ($500 plus expenses), the UGS will evaluate the water source, design and conduct aquifer tests, and interpret the test data to delineate the necessary protection zones.

To qualify for assistance, a city or town must contact the Utah Division of Drinking Water, 801.536.4200, to request delineation and agree to complete the other requirements of the source-protection management plan.

For more information, contact Mike Lowe, 801.537.3389, 801.537.3400 (fax), email: