Groundwater & Paleontology Program

The Groundwater & Paleontology Program maintains and publishes records of Utah’s fossil resources, provides paleontological recovery services to state and local governments, and evaluates the quantity and quality of Utah’s groundwater resources. The program also manages a paleontological training program for amateurs and provides state government and the public with detailed studies on paleontological and groundwater resources.


Groundwater Resource & Environmental Evaluations – Provides technical assistance to state and local governments on groundwater-related issues, and identifies and fulfills groundwater-information needs.

Dinosaur and Ice Age Teaching Kits – Contain authentic and cast specimens, slides, publications, and other teaching aids; each kit is available for two-week loan with a refundable deposit.

Permit Application for Paleontological Investigations, Excavations, and/or Collections on State Managed Lands in Utah

Groundwater & Paleontology Information

  • Groundwater – Includes articles, reports, and maps on groundwater resources.
  • Groundwater Maps
  • Groundwater Monitoring Data Portal – Monitoring data acquired through the West Desert Groundwater Monitoring-Well Project (including Snake Valley) and other projects.
  • Wetlands – The Utah Wetland Information Center (UWIC) provides a broad spectrum of wetland-related resources from spatial data to outreach and educational materials.
  • Dinosaurs & Fossils